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23 Mar '10

EUSR Parliament for Europe session III “Role of Parliament in EU Accession Process – Slovenian experience”

The third session of the second cycle of the EUSR Parliament for Europe initiative, emphasised the transfer of experiences acquired by Slovenia on its way to the European Union (EU). It was opened by the welcoming and introductory speech of Dr. Pavel Gantar, President of the National Assembly of Slovenia and Dr. Valentin Inzko, European Union Special Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The guest speakers focused their presentations on the role and function of the national parliaments and their committees in fulfilling the conditions during the EU accession process, cooperation between the national parliaments and the European Parliament (EP), the activities of the EP as well as to the experiences and lessons learned from Slovenia in fulfilling the conditions for joining the EU. The emphasis was put, among others, on the methodology and mechanisms of the work of National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia and its committees with regard to the EU issues.