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19 Feb '20

The European Union Special Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina/Socio-economic Reform Package – Short-term technical expertise

Pi Consulting is the sole company implementing this project, which has been funded by the EUSR in Bosnia and Herzegovina to assist efforts to advance socio-economic reforms n Bosnia and Herzegovina.  

This niche project is being implemented in close coordination with the EUSR. The purpose of this project is to facilitate the process of implementation of Socio- Economic Reforms 2019 – 2022 in Bosnia and Herzegovina, through the development of an ambitious and results-oriented Common Action Plan for implementation. The European Commission’s May 2019 Opinion on Bosnia and Herzegovina’s application for membership of the European Union called for a new set of socio-economic reform measures to be agreed and implemented by the governments at all levels in the country, in full alignment with the ERP and the jointly agreed policy guidance.