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21 Dec '10

Enlargement week – Communication project 2

Given the success of the Enlargement week – Communications project 1 and taking into account a huge number of excellent photos and slogans made available through this project, Pi Consulting was awarded a contract to carry out follow up activates through Enlargement - Communication project 2. In essence, the ultimate objective is to promote work acquired through the project Enlargement week – Communications project 1 while at the same time promoting the enlargement issues.

The follow up project is envisaged to centre on the design, production and printing of the book entitled Proširenje i BiH (Enlargement and BiH). The Book is envisaged to have two fold purpose: (i) to provide the basic information about the Enlargement process; and (ii) to present photos/images and slogans created through the contest organized under the Enlargement Week – Communication project 1.