Pi Consulting Corporate Social Responsibility


Pi Consulting has a long term commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. Our approach can be summarised up as follows: 

  • To be a company that has a CSR built in our philosophy;
  • To invest in BiH society through the relationship with employees, customers, local communities and other stakeholders by providing financial, logistical and human support to numerous non-governmental associations, organizations, individuals and institutions; and
  • Through various programs, we wish to invest in: (i) education and support to socially vulnerable category of young people through the scholarship program; (ii) improve the quality of the environment; and (iii) to help build a better environment through continuous investment in the use of environmental technologies.

We believe as responsible corporate citizens, we must address the issues of environmentally sustainable practices relating to all aspects of our business, demonstrating care, respect and compassion for our people, the broader community and the environment. We are committed to building a better environment through continuous investment in the application of environmental technology. Pi Consulting’s social responsibility is evidenced by their commitment to making improvements through continuous investment in the environmental area, as they progressively adopt innovative technologies and equipment. Pi Consulting implements a company-wide waste reduction programme aimed at reducing the amount of solid waste needing disposal. Positive results were again achieved in waste reduction and recycling in our daily operations, including plastic cartridges used in fax machines and printers, rechargeable batteries, fluorescent tubes and waste paper.

Pi Consulting has initiated the process of introducing 100% organic reusable bags. Pi Consulting's business unit Torte i to strive to expand the use of ecological materials on all re-usable materials.

Mozaik foundation

Thanks to our demonstrable and sizable philanthropic activities, we have been selected finalist for the award DOBRO for Philanthropy - BiH 2014 Philanthropy award and Pi Consulting was one of four small companies finalists. More info

TORTE i to Corporate Social Responsibility

Pi Consulting's business unit TORTE i to is also very active in Corporate Social Responsibility.