19 Jan '15

EU Support to the BiH Directorate for Economic Planning

Pi Consulting was a member of the Consortium implementing a two-year EU-supported technical assistance project to the BiH Directorate for Economic Planning (DEP), BiH government, including the Office of the Chairman of the BiH Council of Ministers. Specific objective of the Project-to which the Pi Consulting provided one Key Expert and a pool of local short-term experts – was to address the long-term development of the strategic role of DEP/EPRU as a key economic policy planning and advice institution in the areas of macroeconomics, microeconomics, foreign trade, public finance, FDI, social policy and labour market, through direct support and capacity building for development of medium term macroeconomic forecasts and fiscal outlook statement, drafting and publishing of economic trends and annual outlook, production of National Development Strategy and participation in preparation of the Government’s strategic documents and formulation of government policies. The project started in September 2007 and lasted for 2 years.

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