09 Feb '15

EU Support to the introduction of public internal financial control (PIFC) in BiH

The overall objective was to obtain a reformed, streamlined, harmonized, effective, transparent and service oriented public administration, capable of leading Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) through the Stabilisation and Association Process and EU accession.

The project purpose was to support the BiH Ministry of Finance and Treasury, RS Ministry of Finance, FBiH Ministry of Finance, Brcko District Government, in collaboration with other relevant support programmes, in strengthening the internal control environment of the public administration.

Detailed outputs for the project were developed in close consultation with stakeholders during the inception phase. In broad terms, these outputs were following:

  • Component 1 - Support to the Central Harmonisation Units: (i) establish the coordination board of the three CHUs, (ii) central harmonisation units for internal audit and financial management and control in place in all relevant levels of Bill government, and (iii) relevant legal framework as foreseen by the respective PIFC policies drafted and agreed; and
  • Component 2 - Implementing Internal Audit: (i) relevant secondary legislation foreseen by internal audit laws, drafted and agreed, and (ii) first group of internal auditors trained and operational within institutions.