09 Feb '15

European Union Special Representative in BiH Parliament for Europe 2010/11 and 2009/10

In order to encourage the active, informed and constructive engagement of domestic parliamentarians in the EU integration process. MPs need to become more aware of their own important role in helping Bosnia and Herzegovina to meet EU accession requirements and to reap the benefits that ever closer approximation will bring for the country.

Five sessions of Parliament for Europe were held during 2010/2011 legislative year and seven sessions during 2009/10, each dedicated to a specific topic closely related to the Stabilisation and Association Agreement implementation and European Partnership priorities. The sessions were designed as collegial discussions for domestic deputies and delegates with prominent MEPs, members of Member State legislatures, and EU figures with personal experience of the accession process that should serve both to inform and motivate a group of some 30 legislators from the State, entity and Brcko District assemblies.