09 Feb '15

Partnership for Advancing Reforms in the Economy of BiH (PARE)

Pi Consulting participated in the implementation of the USAID-financed Partnership for Advancing Reforms in the Economy of BiH (PARE), a four-year project applying a novel, demand-driven approach of support to reform processes. The overall PARE project objective was to facilitate economic reform and build institutional capacity to assist BiH on its path towards joining the EU. The scope of the PARE project was defined to strengthen regulatory framework for the financial services sector, improve public sector financial management and improve the enabling environment for private sector investment and growth. Pi Consulting was contributing to the project component aiming to improve financial administration of public resources by, inter alia, facilitating translation of public audit findings into action by targeted activities of the Parliamentary Committees, raising broader public awareness and understanding of audit findings, including through introduction of internal audits and controls in the public sector bodies and/or publicly-owned companies.